Thank you to Felicity Ashbee, Naomi Boneham, Kitty Clark, Jenny and Michael Clinch, Gina Douglas, Adrian Dyer, Muriel Fisher, Janice Hart, Eric Harris, Mark Haworth-Booth, Peter Hingley, Anne Hunt, John L. Hunt, Heather Lane, Alan Leslie, Mary Linton, Kenneth G. Libbrecht, Pam Roberts, Larry J. Schaaf, David Stone, Jerry Young. And most of all, my husband Michael.

At the Fitzwilliam Museum, thanks especially to Nicholas Robinson in Founder’s Library for his help in facilitating research and access to the material over many years, and Elenor Ling for producing the online exhibition of Snow Leaves Ferns on the Fitzwilliam Museum’s website. Also Bryan Clarke, Georgina Doji, Jane (Daisy) Ison, Amy Jugg, Jane Munro, Stella Panayotova, David Scrase.

This exhibition is the result of research into and cataloguing of Cecilia Glaisher’s work held at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, by Caroline Marten between 2007 and 2015. A version of the exhibition appeared on the Fitzwilliam Museum website for several years from 2015.

Text: Copyright Caroline Marten' 2015
Pictures: © Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge (except where otherwise indicated), reproduced here under the Creative Commons licence.
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